What is National Security?  Is it the erection of defense systems and military persons to protect one’s people?  Is it the establishment of laws/conditions/terms to protect the Nation from dangerous criminals?  Who is it to protect?  Leaders?  Structures?  Economy?  Citizens?  All of them…and more; all different degrees of importance, all are crucial in the maintenance […]

As a society we have become sensitive to everything from offensive words, behaviours, products, people, peanuts, grass, air and water.  And what has society chosen to deal with?  Cigarette Smoke. Fact:  Cigarettes kill. Fact:  Second hand smoke kills. I’m a believer that you decide what words offend YOU.  What actions offend YOU.  And most importantly…I’m a believer […]

It rarely mattered if you were any good…it was a popularity contest.  And being last to get picked…or even worse…hearing one captain say to the other ‘you can have him/her…’ instantly results in your upper body, shoulders and head…falling victim to gravity. At work, at play…fitting in is half the battle.  As adults, this is still a […]

M is for Mobile, Pesa is Swahili for Money.  How can you text me a dollar, or $20?  When 15% of a countries population owns a bank account…and 85% own a cell phone…how do you simplify transactions?  By making mini-payments via SMS.  Where is this possible?  Kenya…where SMS transactions have reached $200 Million Euros a month! […]

Located in Boston, Jamaica…Great Huts is everything you wouldn’t expect at a corporate resort…and more. On the edge of a cliff, in a hut, made from local supplies, by locals, built from the ground up, surrounded by art and nature…this is the getaway you read about and dream about…a mini jungle that offers free breakfast, […]

“Earl grey…hot” said Captain Picard to the replicator from the comfort of his Ready Room.  (I want a Ready Room) 3d printers have successfully made guns…that fire…bullets.  Why that was one of the first things tested on the 3D printers is beyond me…has it become that much of the American way?  You can buy dog […]

Cheers!  Now we’re friends?  On Facebook?  And you get to see my family pics, posts, know my birthday, phone number and more?  …wait a minute! Dear Budweiser and Facebook:  this idea is sad and pathetic. Here’s how this is supposed to work.  You buy a ‘Buddy Cup’, scan the QR code (if you don’t know […]