M is for Mobile, Pesa is Swahili for Money.  How can you text me a dollar, or $20?  When 15% of a countries population owns a bank account…and 85% own a cell phone…how do you simplify transactions?  By making mini-payments via SMS.  Where is this possible?  Kenya…where SMS transactions have reached $200 Million Euros a month! […]

Located in Boston, Jamaica…Great Huts is everything you wouldn’t expect at a corporate resort…and more. On the edge of a cliff, in a hut, made from local supplies, by locals, built from the ground up, surrounded by art and nature…this is the getaway you read about and dream about…a mini jungle that offers free breakfast, […]

“Earl grey…hot” said Captain Picard to the replicator from the comfort of his Ready Room.  (I want a Ready Room) 3d printers have successfully made guns…that fire…bullets.  Why that was one of the first things tested on the 3D printers is beyond me…has it become that much of the American way?  You can buy dog […]

Cheers!  Now we’re friends?  On Facebook?  And you get to see my family pics, posts, know my birthday, phone number and more?  …wait a minute! Dear Budweiser and Facebook:  this idea is sad and pathetic. Here’s how this is supposed to work.  You buy a ‘Buddy Cup’, scan the QR code (if you don’t know […]

I am a self-proclaimed potato-chip connoisseur.  I know chips.  I’ve tasted more varieties of chips than there chips in one bag.  I know chips. Mark Messier started the challenge years ago with a bag of Lays:  Bet you can’t have just one?  He never lost a bet. Buying chips should be an experience.  It should […]

The guy that tried to stand up and say NO, you cannot have my ice cream…then lost.  I’ll tell you why… It happens to us all…we ask that question: can I get you anything?  Then…we ask again.  Why do we ask twice?  Because we know you want something…you’ve done it before…and you will do it […]

YouTube shared with us dancing cats, the pronunciation of ‘Haute Couture’, kids after the dentist and more… …and we will never get that time back. But wait!  What if I told you there was something new in town…not just to entertain us with fun videos, but to educate us at the same time? Curious about […]

Cypress says NO.  Lights stay ON.  EU keep their MONEY.  If the Cypriots won’t help themselves, why should we? Last week the EU laid out their terms of a billion-plus ‘loan’ to Cypress.  It was simple.  Want us to help you?  Want us to use our citizens money?  You have to chip in as well.  […]

The Harlem Shake: a 1981 cultural show case or a 2013 disaster on the dance floor? The only thing I’m Sure Al B. is shaking is…his head. This train wreck of a dance show is making its way around the world on anything, everything, anywhere, and every where.  If you’re on a bus, the subway…or […]

Heartwood Café – 6250 Quinpool Road, Halifax.  Vegetarian, organic, delicious…it exists. It’s small.  It’s clean.  It’s fresh.  And best of all, it tastes like home…if not better.  Halifax doesn’t have many places that can claim the fame of being organic AND vegetarian.  And…the food is delicious! Flaws: if you sit close to the door on […]