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The Media – dictating what is news…based on ratings: chaos for profit.

CNN…proud promoter of chaos for profit since 1980. On August 9, 2014, unarmed black man Michael Brown was shot and killed by white police in Fergusson. On August 11, 2014, unarmed teenager Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City. Michael Brown was walking across the street. Dillon Taylor was walking across a parking lot. Language: […]

The Nordic Model: de-decriminalizing Prostitution

The Nordic Model – Criminalizing the act the buying, Decriminalizing the act of selling.  Is this the best method? Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand…and recently Germany have all increased their revenue by decriminalizing the profession ‘Prostitution’…and although this may not have been the intent, the side effect has now subjected the ‘victims’ to income tax.  […]

Reverse Hostage Psychology

50,000 people, 550 farmers, and over 100,000 jobs are all connected to the flower industry in Ecuador.  An industry now facing the threats and tariffs the US Government has put on them as a result of a US Government Agent. Bullying. Help me wrap my head around this one:  The US Government is threatening Ecuadorean citizens due […]

Racial Discrimination in the name of National Security

What is National Security?  Is it the erection of defense systems and military persons to protect one’s people?  Is it the establishment of laws/conditions/terms to protect the Nation from dangerous criminals?  Who is it to protect?  Leaders?  Structures?  Economy?  Citizens?  All of them…and more; all different degrees of importance, all are crucial in the maintenance […]

Segregated under a cloud of smoke…

As a society we have become sensitive to everything from offensive words, behaviours, products, people, peanuts, grass, air and water.  And what has society chosen to deal with?  Cigarette Smoke. Fact:  Cigarettes kill. Fact:  Second hand smoke kills. I’m a believer that you decide what words offend YOU.  What actions offend YOU.  And most importantly…I’m a believer […]

Explain Like i’m Five – Reddit

YouTube shared with us dancing cats, the pronunciation of ‘Haute Couture’, kids after the dentist and more… …and we will never get that time back. But wait!  What if I told you there was something new in town…not just to entertain us with fun videos, but to educate us at the same time? Curious about […]

Cypress says NO…we’re keeping our savings!

Cypress says NO.  Lights stay ON.  EU keep their MONEY.  If the Cypriots won’t help themselves, why should we? Last week the EU laid out their terms of a billion-plus ‘loan’ to Cypress.  It was simple.  Want us to help you?  Want us to use our citizens money?  You have to chip in as well.  […]

Prisoners bending over to smuggle in cell phones…

Shaking that ass could be an incoming call. Taking sexting to a new level. Speed Dial or a Quickie…more similar than you think. Sri Lankan prisoners get creative to reach out and touch someone…they hide their cell phone, complete with hands free kits…in their rectum.  They should consider themselves lucky we’re past the days of […]

Apple: their trademarks and patents

Out of fear of being sued by #Apple…I shall give them credit for this post…in case they’ve #trademarked the alphabet. Gerstenzang’s Baby Gays, invented over 80 years ago, were made with such Q-uality, they became know as Q-Tips, and was trademarked. I get that. Mestral’s velour-crochet invention over 60 years ago, now known as ‘velcro’, […]

You Plagiarize on your Thesis? Expect to lose your PhD!

Pla-gia-rism: noun – a piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation. Düsseldorf University voids Annette Schavan PhD; the philosophy faculty had determined that she had carried out “a deliberate deception through plagiarism”. Who is Annette Schavan? We copy and paste daily. We update our status with words we read on […]