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#Criminals re-live, re-enact #crime through dance and music

#Criminals re-live, re-enact #crime through dance and music – #rehabilitation in sync, in tune with how a harmonious society should treat all of its kind…not just its members. Labelling the bad, incarcerating the criminal, identifying …the ex-con. Keeping tabs on those who have strayed away from our norm, from our right. Our norm, our right, […]

The Harlem Shake: Dance Culture or Dance Floor Disaster?

The Harlem Shake: a 1981 cultural show case or a 2013 disaster on the dance floor? The only thing I’m Sure Al B. is shaking is…his head. This train wreck of a dance show is making its way around the world on anything, everything, anywhere, and every where.  If you’re on a bus, the subway…or […]