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The Media – dictating what is news…based on ratings: chaos for profit.

CNN…proud promoter of chaos for profit since 1980. On August 9, 2014, unarmed black man Michael Brown was shot and killed by white police in Fergusson. On August 11, 2014, unarmed teenager Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City. Michael Brown was walking across the street. Dillon Taylor was walking across a parking lot. Language: […]

Budweiser and Facebook…telling the world you’re a drunk, one status update at a time.

Cheers!  Now we’re friends?  On Facebook?  And you get to see my family pics, posts, know my birthday, phone number and more?  …wait a minute! Dear Budweiser and Facebook:  this idea is sad and pathetic. Here’s how this is supposed to work.  You buy a ‘Buddy Cup’, scan the QR code (if you don’t know […]

Explain Like i’m Five – Reddit

YouTube shared with us dancing cats, the pronunciation of ‘Haute Couture’, kids after the dentist and more… …and we will never get that time back. But wait!  What if I told you there was something new in town…not just to entertain us with fun videos, but to educate us at the same time? Curious about […]

Facebook pays to be…Like’d

So we’ve covered the fact that Facebook owns both the word ‘face’ and ‘book’ and the silliness involved with trademarks. But what they don’t own is ‘Surfbook‘. Surfbook was a daily journal people posted to and others could read. Mr Van DerMeer started this site in 1998 under Rembrandt Social Media, five years before Facebook […]