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My carrot does not hear you biting into it… No. This is not bad news for a #Vegetarian. This is modified news spread only in the hopes of justifying the actions of every #Carnivore. Plants do not have ears (except maybe corn…). Plants do not have feelings…they do not get upset when you stumble home after a night of self indulgence nor do […]

Bistro Le Coq – Argyle Street, Halifax, NS

Bistro Le Coq – Argyle Street, Halifax, NS A Vegetarian and French Cuisine can mean nothing but disaster…but not if sous chef Matt Kelly has anything to do with it! Sarah and Ana, the team every restaurant owner should be head-hunting for, were nothing short of fabulous!  Together they made the evening amazing!  And when […]

Mezza Restaurant – Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS

Mezza Restaurant – Quinpool Road, Halifax Vegetarian Kabob Tomatoes, green and red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and red onions, skewered, grilled and topped with a hearty tomato vegetable sauce. Cons – oven roasted oven roasted and roasted again potatoes, side of garlic dip that lacked garlic. Staff was slow and distracted…the smile was always there, not […]

I’m hungry…print me a Casserole!

“Earl grey…hot” said Captain Picard to the replicator from the comfort of his Ready Room.  (I want a Ready Room) 3d printers have successfully made guns…that fire…bullets.  Why that was one of the first things tested on the 3D printers is beyond me…has it become that much of the American way?  You can buy dog […]

Potato Chips…understanding, respecting, enjoying.

I am a self-proclaimed potato-chip connoisseur.  I know chips.  I’ve tasted more varieties of chips than there chips in one bag.  I know chips. Mark Messier started the challenge years ago with a bag of Lays:  Bet you can’t have just one?  He never lost a bet. Buying chips should be an experience.  It should […]

I have some ice cream…and you can’t have none…

The guy that tried to stand up and say NO, you cannot have my ice cream…then lost.  I’ll tell you why… It happens to us all…we ask that question: can I get you anything?  Then…we ask again.  Why do we ask twice?  Because we know you want something…you’ve done it before…and you will do it […]

Heartwood Cafe, organic and vegetarian…deeeelish!

Heartwood Café – 6250 Quinpool Road, Halifax.  Vegetarian, organic, delicious…it exists. It’s small.  It’s clean.  It’s fresh.  And best of all, it tastes like home…if not better.  Halifax doesn’t have many places that can claim the fame of being organic AND vegetarian.  And…the food is delicious! Flaws: if you sit close to the door on […]

For the price of a cup of coffee…

The world for a cup of coffee…or two…or more. What can you get for a cup of coffee? These days? Everything. I was making a purchase at BestBuy when the salesperson asked if I was interested in their ‘extended warranty’. The item was $999. The extended warranty was offered to me for the low price […]

The Townhouse Pub and Eatery – Antigonish, NS

Local owners, local ingredients, local brew! 76 College Street used to be home to both Frescos Ristorante and Alcove Bistro/Lounge. What makes this new Pub different from it’s predecessors…is it’s supported by the community…fund them and they’ll feed you. I love it! With that…it not only becomes everyone’s best interest to visit…but to stay and […]

Stuffed Roasted Red Pepper with Dandelion Salad…

This organic red pepper was stuffed with quinoa and sautéed zucchini, onions, garlic, feta, herbs and spices.  Oven baked just right keeping the red pepper slightly firm and upright makes this as appealing to the eye as it is the to the appetite.  The salad was the perfect side made from hand pulled wild dandelions over […]