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Reverse Hostage Psychology

50,000 people, 550 farmers, and over 100,000 jobs are all connected to the flower industry in Ecuador.  An industry now facing the threats and tariffs the US Government has put on them as a result of a US Government Agent. Bullying. Help me wrap my head around this one:  The US Government is threatening Ecuadorean citizens due […]

Forget Banks…M-Pesa is the money!

M is for Mobile, Pesa is Swahili for Money.  How can you text me a dollar, or $20?  When 15% of a countries population owns a bank account…and 85% own a cell phone…how do you simplify transactions?  By making mini-payments via SMS.  Where is this possible?  Kenya…where SMS transactions have reached $200 Million Euros a month! […]

Cypress says NO…we’re keeping our savings!

Cypress says NO.  Lights stay ON.  EU keep their MONEY.  If the Cypriots won’t help themselves, why should we? Last week the EU laid out their terms of a billion-plus ‘loan’ to Cypress.  It was simple.  Want us to help you?  Want us to use our citizens money?  You have to chip in as well.  […]

For the price of a cup of coffee…

The world for a cup of coffee…or two…or more. What can you get for a cup of coffee? These days? Everything. I was making a purchase at BestBuy when the salesperson asked if I was interested in their ‘extended warranty’. The item was $999. The extended warranty was offered to me for the low price […]

Zimbabwe and their $217…

Last week Zimbabwe’s finance minister Tendai Biti told reporters his country only has $217 in the bank. This week minister Biti is livid with reporters for not being ‘good’ journalists. For not ‘reading between the lines’ and understanding ‘metaphor’. Why was he so upset? Because in a speech he announced the country only had $217 […]