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Mezza Restaurant – Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS

Mezza Restaurant – Quinpool Road, Halifax Vegetarian Kabob Tomatoes, green and red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and red onions, skewered, grilled and topped with a hearty tomato vegetable sauce. Cons – oven roasted oven roasted and roasted again potatoes, side of garlic dip that lacked garlic. Staff was slow and distracted…the smile was always there, not […]

Reverse Hostage Psychology

50,000 people, 550 farmers, and over 100,000 jobs are all connected to the flower industry in Ecuador.  An industry now facing the threats and tariffs the US Government has put on them as a result of a US Government Agent. Bullying. Help me wrap my head around this one:  The US Government is threatening Ecuadorean citizens due […]

Racial Discrimination in the name of National Security

What is National Security?  Is it the erection of defense systems and military persons to protect one’s people?  Is it the establishment of laws/conditions/terms to protect the Nation from dangerous criminals?  Who is it to protect?  Leaders?  Structures?  Economy?  Citizens?  All of them…and more; all different degrees of importance, all are crucial in the maintenance […]

Segregated under a cloud of smoke…

As a society we have become sensitive to everything from offensive words, behaviours, products, people, peanuts, grass, air and water.  And what has society chosen to deal with?  Cigarette Smoke. Fact:  Cigarettes kill. Fact:  Second hand smoke kills. I’m a believer that you decide what words offend YOU.  What actions offend YOU.  And most importantly…I’m a believer […]

First Captain…First Pick!

It rarely mattered if you were any good…it was a popularity contest.  And being last to get picked…or even worse…hearing one captain say to the other ‘you can have him/her…’ instantly results in your upper body, shoulders and head…falling victim to gravity. At work, at play…fitting in is half the battle.  As adults, this is still a […]

I have some ice cream…and you can’t have none…

The guy that tried to stand up and say NO, you cannot have my ice cream…then lost.  I’ll tell you why… It happens to us all…we ask that question: can I get you anything?  Then…we ask again.  Why do we ask twice?  Because we know you want something…you’ve done it before…and you will do it […]


The art of listening to children and their stories – knowing when to say ‘uh huh’, ‘oh yeah’, ‘wow’, and ‘cool’ without actually listening. Yes, I have perfected this.