The Media – dictating what is news…based on ratings: chaos for profit.

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CNN…proud promoter of chaos for profit since 1980.

On August 9, 2014, unarmed black man Michael Brown was shot and killed by white police in Fergusson. On August 11, 2014, unarmed teenager Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City. Michael Brown was walking across the street. Dillon Taylor was walking across a parking lot.

Language: CNN uses the terms ‘white’ and ‘black’ in one story to create non existing shades of grey…and it gets your attention. And terms such as ‘teenager’ to describe a 20 year old. Typo? Intentional? It gets your attention. It manipulates the news to create the news to sell the news.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past month, you know who Michael Brown is and the city of Fergusson. What about Dillon Taylor…the other shooting of an unarmed, 20 year old white male, who was killed by police while pulling up his pants to get on his knees. Riot worthy? Curfew worthy? Only if it’s news worthy. CNN decides.

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What came first? The riot or the news? The tragedy.

Racism still exists. The media makes it out to be at its worst. They play the race card…because it brings out anger and frustration, it promotes discussion, it attracts viewers…it causes chaos…and that results in news…and profits. Race is used as propaganda for social problems in American society. CNN feeds the international community and satisfies their hunger to make America look like it hasn’t changed in 50 years. Foreign critics and foes alike turn the US desire for news against itself making it out to be something it isn’t. CNN puts news of social programs, diverse policies, minority teens, positive police tactics, structure and order in the western world and more on pages Google can’t even find. Because it’s not news worthy. Because you won’t read it.

In the past year, I have seen one clip which made the front page of an officer dancing with teens while on patrol. Although his moves resembled anything but dancing, it was validating and refreshing. For a moment…it was news.

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CNN filled the airwaves with news and coverage of the shooting of an unarmed black man…that decision was racially driven. They did not fill the airwaves with news and coverage of the shooting of an unarmed white man…that decision was racially driven.

I have heard many preach awareness of racism through such stories. This was not a story about racism. It was a story about the mishandling of persons of interest by police, which resulted in the loss of a member of our community…black or white. Police are trained to shoot till they drop. Police are given the tools needed to make this happen. Police are given the right to use such force if they deem it is necessary. They are not given the tools to deal with mental health issues within their community. They are not given the tools to get to know their community. They are taught language like ‘hands up’, ‘down on your knees’, they respond to ‘agitation’ and deal with being ‘verbally challenged’. They are taught to yell commands. They are taught to police the streets. What they want is to spend more time in communities, get to know its members, get to know their friends, their community dealing with depression, anger and frustration. They want to listen and they want to learn. They want to dance with kids and chat with business owners. They want the education…they want the tools. They want to manage the streets. Go ahead…ask an officer what they want.

But we as a society deal with our problems after the fact. We don’t spend as much time and money on building a better society as we do on dealing with society.

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Michael Brown Sr. calls for calm…CNN breaks with audio tape of 10 shots fired. The call for calm was not news. The audio tape was news. The tape might be a hoax. That has barely made the news.

The next of kin has yet to be contacted…and CNN is interviewing experts on how, why, and what should have been done. Experts sell news…create drama…and fill in the gaps between chaos and calm. And we in turn take this analysis, this advice, these predictions and echo them as valid and fact. Most of the time…experts are wrong…but we don’t care, we continue to tune in, listen, then share.  The Trouble with Experts.

The news will shock you. The news will manipulate you. And you will keep coming back for more. It’s marketing at its finest. It’s a business. In the words of an anchor at the end of his show “if you’re not enraged, your not paying attention”. The news is in the business of creating rage…creating chaos. You decide what moves you…you decide what is news. Don’t feed the propaganda.

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