#Criminals re-live, re-enact #crime through dance and music


#Criminals re-live, re-enact #crime through dance and music – #rehabilitation in sync, in tune with how a harmonious society should treat all of its kind…not just its members.

Labelling the bad, incarcerating the criminal, identifying the ex-con. Keeping tabs on those who have strayed away from our norm, from our right. Our norm, our right, is a product of our place in society. There is no one norm or one right.

It is all perspective. The problem isn’t losing perspective, the problem is identifying it.

We have the tools to police, to protect. We use our tools to police, to protect. We have the tools to provide, to live. Greed, selfishness, the acquisition of wealth, and ignorance prevents us from using our tools to provide, to live. And as a result…we are born and grow in different cities, different countries with different standards of life. Different expectations.

Life shouldn’t be a lottery. Life should be a community.

Disregard, dismissal, and removal of a life from our community doesn’t make our community safer or better. It doesn’t make us stronger. It makes us weaker. We are all connected, and every link is just as important as the next.

But for now… we are in a society were the links that have gone bad are removed, discarded, and forgotten. And their place in our community lost… forever. These links are people. These people were children. Our children. We, as a community, are responsible for our children. With community, no child should be deprived of food, medicine, education, life…love. And until we recognize our responsibility as a people, we have and will continue to fail our children.

Food, medicine, education, life are not luxuries… they are rights. But not today.

Susan Slotnick, at 68, understands community. Understands everyone’s place in community. And for those who have been disregarded, dismissed, and removed from our community…Slotnick hasn’t forgotten. She hasn’t forgotten their place, their role, their importance.

Susan Slotnick, through dance, has taught children proper foot work, proper posture, discipline and more. And now she has taken on a new group, a group most of which had missed out on being children…her new group is made up of murderers, drug dealers, and sex offenders. Criminals. The links we have forgotten. Their place in our community still void. Susan hasn’t forgotten.

Figures in Flight: Released. A dance company formed by ex-cons. Watch, learn, and welcome them as they make their way back into our community, one step at a time…where they always belonged.

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