Reverse Hostage Psychology


50,000 people, 550 farmers, and over 100,000 jobs are all connected to the flower industry in Ecuador.  An industry now facing the threats and tariffs the US Government has put on them as a result of a US Government Agent.


Help me wrap my head around this one:  The US Government is threatening Ecuadorean citizens due to the actions of a US National Security Agent?

You may suggest that it is the result of the Ecuadorean Government’s actions these threats/tariffs are against.


Problem with this approach:  Edward Snowden isn’t even in Ecuador!  All he did was apply for asylum.  And roses, as red as they may be…are turning blue being held up in transit! Edward Snowden was in China…any threats issued to the Chinese people or Government?  No.  He is in Russia…any threats issued to the Russian people or Government?  No.

As a result of this application…which hasn’t been granted yet…the farmers and their flowers are being held hostage…in their own country.  In Ecuador.

What can Ecuador do about this?  Nothing.  What can you do about this?  Buy flowers; don’t let the Government, or a calendar, tell you when to buy a dozen roses.

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