On the edge at Great Huts – Jamaica

Located in Boston, Jamaica…Great Huts is everything you wouldn’t expect at a corporate resort…and more.



On the edge of a cliff, in a hut, made from local supplies, by locals, built from the ground up, surrounded by art and nature…this is the getaway you read about and dream about…a mini jungle that offers free breakfast, wifi, a breathtaking view pollution free of other resorts and seadoos, a natural bay to swim in, four bamboo post beds, sand/rock floors, and the sound of nature as your alarm clock.




Everything is unique…every table is different, every chair is different, every room is different.  Why?  Because it is all hand made…in Jamaica.  This resort is not only eco-friendly, it is local friendly from the cutlery made from coconut to the free range chicken and local fruits to Jamaican-African heritage and art on the walls.  And it is located in Jamaica, amongst Jamaicans, away from ‘western’ influence…no Starbucks…no tourist shops.  Everywhere you go, anything you buy, you’re supporting the locals, the mom and pop shops, the farmers.  And what a friendly place Boston is!  Boston is in Portland Parish, minutes from Port Antonio, the ‘city’.  And ask any resident of this Parish if they would move anywhere else…not a chance!  They are proud, they claim to have the best scenery, the best weather, and the best neighbours!

Behind the scenes at Great Huts you will meet long term and permanent guests.  Great Huts is a major contributor to the Portland Rehabilitation and Homeless Shelter in Port Antonio.  That’s right…this is not a Sandals Resort funding the 1%.  The Shelter has some permanent staff and relies on volunteers.  They all stay and eat, for free, at Great Huts.

In closing…Great Huts was built by the locals, using local materials, from the ground up.  A piece of paradise on a cliff overlooking the Carribean with no distractions.  Decorated with local art and celebrating African Heritage through dance and music every Saturday night.  And a major supporter and contributor of the Rehab and Homeless Shelter.

Don’t be a passenger on the Playa-Bahia-Riu bandwagon.  Visit Portland Parish, enjoy Port Antonio, stay at Great Huts, and get to know Jamaica.


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