Budweiser and Facebook…telling the world you’re a drunk, one status update at a time.

Budweiser Buddy Cup

Cheers!  Now we’re friends?  On Facebook?  And you get to see my family pics, posts, know my birthday, phone number and more?  …wait a minute!

Dear Budweiser and Facebook:  this idea is sad and pathetic.

Here’s how this is supposed to work.  You buy a ‘Buddy Cup’, scan the QR code (if you don’t know what a QR code…Google it…and welcome to the 21st Century), log into Facebook, then walk around a bar toasting strangers and in an instant…you’re friends.  Yes…once your Buddy Cup makes contact with another Buddy Cup, you two are friends.  It gets posted on your timeline on Facebook.  Yes…every toast.  Yes…every sip.

Allow me to elaborate.  Every time you tap glasses with someone, your status updates…telling all of your friends, that you just had another drink.  If you were a closet alcoholic…you’ve been exposed!  That might be the only good thing of all this…go get help.

So, Budweiser and Facebook think it’s cool to become friends with anyone and everyone.  OK…friends are good.  But strangers are not friends and have no business in my personal life.  And…do you really want everyone to know you were out on a Tuesday night tapping glasses and downing beer?

Want a way to instantly get someone’s digits?  Try NFC (if you don’t know what NFC (Near Field Communication) is…Google it…and welcome to the 21st century).  Tap phones, and you’re done.  No status updates, no explanations Wednesday mornings at the office.  Oh sorry…for all of you iPhone users out there…you don’t have NFC capable phones.  Yes, Apple didn’t think it was cool.  Who does think it’s cool?  Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG.  Yup…they all have it.

A recap:  Buy a beer, scan the QR code, log onto Facebook, drink your face off, have dozens of status updates, and tell the world you’re a drunk.

And you thought ridiculous status updates were costing people their jobs, reputation, relationships and more?!?!  HA!  Cheers!  …you’re toast.


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