I have some ice cream…and you can’t have none…


The guy that tried to stand up and say NO, you cannot have my ice cream…then lost.  I’ll tell you why…

It happens to us all…we ask that question: can I get you anything?  Then…we ask again.  Why do we ask twice?  Because we know you want something…you’ve done it before…and you will do it again.  And sometimes…we ask a third time…

So what do we do?  We go and buy our ice cram, veggie dog, slushie, fries…or all of the above!  And when we get back to our seats…we feel the glare…hear the ‘mmmmm’…and see the saliva.  We know at that moment, what we knew would happen, and what we know will happen again.  You want some.

We try to resist…and remind you that you were asked…and said…no.  We defend our treats.  We know the battle will be lost.  But we try.  We hold for as long as we can.  But we always end up sharing.

And when we do, we smile…because we actually think we got our point across.

Bad news…we didn’t.

More bad news…it will happen again.

Even more bad news…they think they won.

Good news…they didn’t.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…we were always going to share.  Why do you think we came back with an extra spoon?  🙂


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